Dr Matt HowardLicensed Chiropractor, Peoria, IL

Family Chiropractor

Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Matt Howard was born and raised just outside of Peoria, IL. He has always been very active in athletics which actually led him to pursue his chiropractic career. His first experience with chiropractic came after a neck injury during a high school wrestling competition. He had two bulged discs in his neck causing severe pain and muscle aches/tightness in his neck and upper back. After a few weeks of care he was able to continue a very successful season. Though temporarily out of pain, in the years following he suffered from chronic pain and tightness in his neck. For two years he suffered with this pain, until joining his college rugby team at Illinois State University. His coaches were both local chiropractors and through their treatments, even while playing such a physical sport, his pain and muscle imbalances began to alleviate. After experiencing the benefits of chiropractic for himself he decided to pursue this wonderful career at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.

Dr. Matt has a great family practice treating patients of all backgrounds, ages, and activity levels. He has had extra training in Flexion Distraction for low back conditions, extremity adjusting for common issues beyond the spine, nutrition and whole food supplementation, Soft tissue and trigger point therapy, as well as chiropractic rehab therapy.

Dr. Matt has a great interest in helping young athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking care for injuries. He truly believes every young athlete, especially those in contact sports like wrestling, football, rugby, or martial arts should be visiting a chiropractor in their area.

He sincerely loves what he does, and enjoys interacting with all of his great patients.