Dr. Shauna L. Gatten, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Peoria

Dr. Shauna Gatten, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Peoria who has a vast array of clinical training and experience in providing psychotherapeutic services to individuals, families, couples who are experiencing challenges and circumstances that are negatively impacting their lives. With 20 years in clinical practice, Dr. Gatten offers expertise in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, relationship issues (i.e., family, couples, parent-child), adjustment/transitional challenges (e.g., separation/divorce; job change/loss) and health/stress – related illnesses. Her current areas of interest focus on women’s issues, alternative/complementary medicine, and spirituality and emotional/mental well-being.

Dr. Gatten offers a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, matching and tailoring specific treatment methods to an individual’s unique set of problems, issues or complaints. Drawing from her interest and study of mind/body health sciences and extensive training in clinical and counseling psychology, positive psychology and life coaching, Dr. Gatten incorporates approaches to mental, emotional, behavioral health and healing that extend beyond traditional psychotherapy and mere symptom reduction. Further, with her long held belief in the mind-body connection, her treatment often reflects a holistic, comprehensive, integrated approach to treating individuals with specific mental, emotional, behavioral, or physical problems.

Dr. Gatten’s private psychology practice is currently located within the Natural Balance Wellness Center, 5901 N. Prospect Road, Suite 101, Peoria, IL. She can be contacted by calling 309-689-9880.