Knee pain is a very common complaint we see in our office. The knee is a high risk location for injury due to its complex structure. Unfortunately, the source of pain can be difficult to determine. The true cause of knee pain often does not arise in the knee but other areas like the low back, hips, pelvis, foot or ankle. With this in mind it takes a highly skilled professional to assess the condition and develop a treatment plan to not only treat the pain, but the root cause of why the pain occurred.

While pain relievers and muscle relaxers can provide temporary relief they will never help treat the cause of your knee pain or any injury for that matter. Often, they cause further injury and damage down the road due to more activity on an already weak and damaged area. In many cases, patients who feared they would need knee surgery were able to resolve their mobility and pain issues through chiropractic care.

At Natural Balance Wellness Center, we understand the domino effect knee pain can have, triggering other problem areas of pain and tightness as your body attempts to compensate for the knee weakness, pain and stiffness. Through chiropractic adjustments, stretching, exercises, and possible soft-tissue treatments, we can address multiple body structures at the same time. Our goals are to eliminate pain, decrease inflammation, and restore proper joint motion in the knee and other surrounding joints helping to restore balance to the whole body. The result is lasting relief, more activity, and a pain free life.