Scoliosis is tragic. It causes both physical pain and emotional suffering. This sideways bending of the spine shows up as abnormal posture and then finally, deformity. If allowed to advance, it can interfere with the lungs, heart and many other vital organs.

In the beginning stages of scoliosis there are very few symptoms. Most scoliosis begins during childhood development and increases as the child ages, especially during early and late teen years. However, an alert parent may notice that a high shoulder or low hip makes clothing fit poorly. Back and leg pains may develop but are often overlooked as merely “growing pains.” Neglect is the biggest danger.

If allowed to run its course, scoliosis can steadily worsen. Early detection is critical. Severe cases can involve surgery. This procedure attaches steel rods to force the spine to straighten. This can be very painful and limiting for the patient.

Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractic care has helped many young children avoid the unhappy effects of scoliosis. The procedure is simple. First, a thorough examination helps detect scoliosis in its early stage. Then, corrective action can begin at once. We can help them eliminate the need for braces or surgery, and ease the severity of this condition and do our very best to change someone’s life.

Chiropractic care can benefit older patients suffering from scoliosis as well. As long as the curvature is not too severe, many people have found chiropractic to decrease or eliminate their pain from occurring. Curve reduction can be seen with intense care, but more importantly we focus on decreasing the current scoliosis from becoming any worse. As we age, our muscles and supporting tissue naturally stretch and weaken. This can cause many to find themselves in pain for the first time from their scoliosis as they age.

At Natural Balance Wellness Center we will do our very best to help those suffering from scoliosis to find relief, and to keep your little loved ones from experiencing such a traumatic, lifelong ordeal.