After a long day at work, or after an exercise session at the gym, your arm or shoulder suddenly feels stiff, achy, and limited in motion. Perhaps a twinge occurs with a specific movement. Maybe you woke up one morning with your head in an odd position. Perhaps the simple task of brushing your hair or teeth causes pain.

Does this sound like you? This description is more common than you think. In many cases the cause of these symptoms resides in the neck and upper back regions along with the surrounding muscles. If left untreated, the irritation and inflammation continues to grow, causing the pain to become worse. And, as the pain becomes worse, the arm and shoulder motion becomes less and less.

The shoulder joint is very unstable due to its great ability for motion. This capability of motion in all directions leaves the shoulder very vulnerable to injury from both acute and chronic conditions. Poor neck and back posture has a great effect on shoulder injury and stability as well. There can be numerous factors affecting your shoulder pain that you may not even be aware of.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic adjustments may be used to help restore proper alignment for the neck, upper back, and even shoulder joint itself. This proper alignment takes pressure off the affected nerves, and in many cases, lessens the pain. Corrective exercises and stretches are also typically used to restore proper muscle tone and balance to the surrounding areas. It is common for treatments to include trigger point massage or myofascial therapy to help loosen and relax affected musculature and soft tissue in the area as well. The combination of these treatments has given many patients great results for short term and long term pain relief. Of course, if your chiropractor notices anything unusual, a referral will be made to the appropriate health care provider.