There is an old Chinese proverb which states, “Only when one cannot sleep does one know how long the night is.” Anyone who has ever experienced an occasional bout with insomnia can relate to this all too well! Some studies and surveys have shown that over 40% of the population has trouble sleeping.

Sleep is critical to proper health and functioning of the body. Most people do not realize that sleep is one of the most important functions of the brain allowing our bodies to recharge for the next day. Stress, daily worry, pain, muscle tension, poor diet, and poor sleep posture can all effect how we sleep. Without satisfying sleep, proper physical and mental function is virtually impossible. Sleep regenerates us, heals us and balances us.

Chiropractic and Sleeping Problems

Years of clinical case histories have shown chiropractic to be a safe, natural, and highly effective tool to provide regular, quality sleep. The brain and the nervous system regulate the sleep-wake-cycle in our bodies. By relieving the spine of nerve blockage and irritation, chiropractic helps proper nerve supply from the brain to the rest of the body. Chiropractors are not only trained in treating spinal problems, but can offer nutritional and ergonomic advice (pillows and mattresses) that can help improve the quality of your sleep.

This natural, drug-less approach to health should be explored by any person struggling with sleep deprivation or insomnia