How do athletes get injured? They may stretch often and are in good shape, so, why? Usually, there is a very simple formula.

In most cases, we play too hard, too long, or too fast. For others, it may be due to making a lifestyle change. They begin to exercise or participate in sports regularly and their body is not stable enough to withstand the new activity. It is common for these injuries to occur not from one specific injury or trauma, but due to longstanding muscle imbalances, inflammation, or tendon/ligament damage. The way in which one treats these injuries determines how fast their recovery time is, as well as, how quickly they can get back to the activity they enjoy or fitness goals they are preparing to accomplish.

Chiropractic offers a balanced approach to the treatment and the healing of athletic injuries. The goal of Natural Balance Wellness Center is to help restore proper motion and function to the joint by using chiropractic adjustments and supportive therapies to return the body to its normal strength, function and mobility. Chiropractic can help the injured areas heal by relieving nerve pressure, decreasing muscle tightness and increasing ranges of motion allowing athletes to find their way back on the court or field faster. Afterward, better strategies for exercise and stretching will be discussed with the athlete to keep them on the straight and narrow path to better enjoyment of their chosen sport or activity.

Many professional athletes are utilizing chiropractic care more frequently because they realize that it helps them maximize their performance on and off the field. Articles continue to appear in major newspapers and magazines citing professional athletes Aaron Rodgers, Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Evander Holyfield, Emmitt Smith and Joe Montana proclaiming the benefits that chiropractic has had on their careers. Many NFL, MLB, and NHL teams currently have a chiropractor on staff and we see more and more professional and college sports teams are utilizing care for the same reasons.

If you can remember that the whole premise of chiropractic care is to restore spinal health so that the body has the best opportunity to heal and maximize proper function, it is not hard to understand why the Pros enjoy what chiropractic has to offer. Luckily, chiropractic can help everyone not just the Pros. We treat many high school athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those just starting to make new health and wellness goals for themselves.

Our treatments have successfully helped many athletes suffering with:

Shoulder/Arm Pain
Chronic Re-injury
Plantar Fasciitis
Limited Range of Motion
Low Back Pain

Neck Pain
Ankle Sprain/Strains
Chronic Muscle Tightness/Spasm
Disc Injuries
Mid-Back Pain
Knee Pain
Numbness, Tingling, Weakness
And More…